Heres the thing….

How many times do you start a project, only to end up with 10 more new projects 20 minutes after you began, you then have an even bigger mess then before you even started? I DO IT EVERY DANG DAY! 

“Heres the thing…” I tell my mom! Its one of her favorite sayings of mine. Today, as we were working, I turned to tell her that we have too many files, too many papers, too many boxes, and we need to get rid of it all, and we NEVER DO IT. Some how it all gets shuffled from one place to another.

For example we have an attic that holds all of this stuff that I’m talking about. It’s above our garage. Just to give you an idea its about 400 sq ft. When we don’t want to look at something in the house or garage, or in our parking lot (the tennis court) it goes upstairs. Here’s the catch, when it gets put up stairs its supposed to go in specific place. (which rarely happen) I frequently find myself having to organize due to things being put at the top of the stairs or just thrown anywhere… (insert name here) can find a place to put the things they are taking upstairs, because it needs a place to hide or a new place to be shuffled too.

Again over the last month, I have been buried in over my head with all of our stuff. The 20 boxes of Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving decor stuff my mom has from over the years. One whole corner for summer and camping stuff!  Every child in the family of course has a box or 2 we keep, so it stay part of the shuffle. Let’s not forget my grandparents stuff.  Both sides, my mom and dads parents. ( Mind you I label everything along the way…. šŸ™‚ ) Other boxes of Misc. stuff that doesn’t have a home and needs to be organized and gone through. We continue to come across boxes that need to been separated and need to sorted, they get shuffled too. Boxes of old pictures and memorabilia that goes years back….We are so OCD and ADD it makes me laugh. SQUIRREL. We can’t seem to finish one thing at a time. I’m just trying to give you an idea, all this stuff continues to get shuffled from place to place, and never actually gets sorted or given a home…..ya know what im saying. So the beautiful shuffle stays a shuffle, just looking prettier based on my mood.

Did I mention that I’m ADD/OCD and that things have to be done a certain way and I have a hard time when they are not done in a certain fashion? People have a hard time working with or around me due to this fact. (not something I talk about often, my perfectionism.)

I’ve been taking my meds correctly, so my mood should be great lately, making a beautiful disaster! Lmao. Hopefully were getting somewhere up stairs. This post was supposed to be somewhat funny. But who really knows anyway. I think things are funny and thats just my dry sense of humor these days.