Broken Crayons ❤

I love finding a quote I identify with and feeling warm and fuzzy knowing I’m not alone. I may be a broken crayon, but today I KNOW I still color the same!! 


My life is not a secret today. I try to remain open to my family and close friends, and now I try to share honestly and openly with you my friends. I believe it’s important to have someone to identify with, whether your a man, woman, teenager, or a child… emotional human beings….we need to feel that identification and know we’re not alone. 

Through out my life, people have come and go that have made HUGE impacts on me! The type of impact that cannot ever be forgot. Unconditional love, respect, and accept at a level in which I have not found in a lot of my relationships. Let me tell you, I’m a difficult person to deal with and handle…most people get to a point where they just throw their hands up in frustration and hurt, and walk away to save themselves from anymore abuse! 

Due to my addiction and mental illness I can become a person who is what I call a “monster” and there have people who have loved me and stood by me regardless of the shattered glass I have drug them through. It may not have been intentional….but it happened. Of course, I never wanted to purposely drag my loved ones through the things which I have…..but each time it taught us all something new!

This morning as my mom, dad and I drove to Lake Tahoe in a blizzard, we talked about how amazing my dad has been lately in making sure that I’m taken care of and that I have what I need to stay warm while stayin in their fifth wheel during these winter months! I can’t help but think where I would be without my folks! They have saved me over and over again! I can’t thank them enough, I will be repaying them until the day that I die….or until they die, which ever comes first! 😉 

Today as I head to participate in my recovery I’m grateful for the time we had together this morning as a family! I love you mom and dad! Thanks for being my biggest fans!