Oh boy has today and the last few days been the kinda days where you want to climb in bed and pull the blankets over your head and hide. 

Picture this…you are living with mom and dad because of a series of unfortunate events and a you’ve dealt a pretty shitty deck of cards rind. This week, you pull a 8 of clubs….nothing significant you think…hoping it will be a calm great week, thinking that things are looking up, that life is feeling a bit more manageable. Your living in dads fifth wheel because mom & dads house is itty bitty and isn’t big enough for 3 plus all my crap now too. (Let’s not forget my princess puppy Layla)

This past weekend we had flood warnings….so our week didn’t start out so great, water covered road ways, road shut down, work and businesses closed, but not for KELLI! I work hard for my money. I worked with mommy again, not sure how it turned to 4pm so fast but it did. It was cold and I turned on my space heater, tripped the breaker in the fifth wheel again, afraid to tell my dad, reluctant….I told him anyway! Dad saves the night and fixes the breaker, tells me if it happens again, I have to move into the house…with a luck of disgust im not gonna let it happen again, I think my privacy and peace and quiet.

oh shoot I forgot what led to this, the fan went out on the propane heater….that’s why I can only use a space heater….so the heater doesn’t run anymore!! SO irs quite cold with 2 1/2 feet of snow…

The following day, during a down poor, I was sent to the nasty ass dump, to empty a truck load of truck from the attic I had previously mentioned….we were the ONLY ONES THERE….the smell of horrendious smell garbage was stuck to me….on my shoes, in my nose, in the heater, It was nasty.

The wind shield wiper in the truck has been malfunctioning through out this whole time. I swear that everything that I touch break lately…LOL not kidding. Dad saves he day again, until….its snows 2 and a half feet, im stuck on the freeway and they find themselves stuck to each other. How convenient is that? I have to pull over and pull and yank to get them apart as its a blizzard outside. No luck, thank god I was two seconds from my house. I made it home safely, becasuse they were unsaleable.

Over the last couple weeks a lot of feelings have been building up. The quote above has me thinking and feeling on a much deeper level. God must think I’m a bad ass woman today….or something like that.

so moral of TODAYS crazy rants are THANKS for my  so-called “cheep as friends” who laugh though the whole thing with me like we were monkeys. I’m a blizzard, we made it safe..

The rest is completely to up uou, remember…yesterday everything I touch I broke it or make a huge mess with it. JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS…