Rice Sock and Tomato Soup

1/13/17- I Kelli Ann had not only 1 tooth pulled but 3. Hence the rice sock and the beautiful picture  below of me out cold. It drained me of my energy to even stand up. During my recovery I have had teeth pulled, and each time has been a different experience….this time I LOVE MY RICE SOCK, APPLESAUCE and TOMATO SOUP. 


I would have to say that tooth pain is one of the most annoying, nagging painful SOB’s ever. It is like a dog that follows you around yapping, causing a headache that just DOESNT go away, no matter what you do. You try to sleep, he’s still there. (grrr…STOP it you yell, please) you just want to eat something, and hes sitting right there begging…..wagging his tale, whinning….mommy I want some….welping if you wont feed the F*****, you headache only gets worse. Tylenol, Excedrin, Ibus, take a little bit of the relief but you know that in order for their to be full relief, you have to get rid of the DAMN DOG, AGAIN. NO, not another tooth again. Soon, you will have none left.

You go to the dentist, thinking okay, it’s just gonna be the two that are bugging you, and you come to find out there’s another one right along with it that is JUST as bad, and its time for it to go. TOOTHLESS is what comes to my head. The side effects of years of drug use is what begins to cycle though my mind. I’m sure that at some point it was save-able, but most of them are past that point….they are just waiting for their time….THANK GOD they are all in the back.

Anyway. I called to make the appointment with the surgeon because I have to go under for multiple reasons…by the grace of god they could get me in the following morning at 8am…..WHATTTTT. That shit never happens. That was pure luck. Although I have 3 teeth missing and a different kinda a pain, it wont be long until its gone. I don’t remember leaving I just remember having so much gauze in my mouth my mom told me I needed a white board with markers to communicate because she couldn’t understand me.

Heres the biggest part of the whole thing. At the original dentist appointment I was offered percocet, I said No. At the surgeon I don’t remember him asking me but the script has been flushed down the toilet. My recovery has to be number one. I feel like i have a few things I could write on. But those are different posts but I think ill talk a nap first. This shit drains me…..